Teeth Whitening

We are currently offering Tooth Whitening at a very competitive rate from just £350, The supplied kit is made by market leader Philips and more details of the treatment can be seen on the Teeth Whitening page.

Teeth whitening

You will normally have a consultation, customised trays are made to apply the gel to your teeth, and the kit comes with enough gel to reach a brighter tooth colour using simple steps at home.

This offer is available to all patients but a recent dental examination must be on file and with dental health of a good and stable nature.

Air polishing compliments this treatment and is available at additional cost. For more information please see the Oral Health and Dental hygiene page or speak to a member of staff.

If you are unable to achieve the desired whiteness using the basic kit, you may need to purchase more cartridges of gel to use or consider whitening treatments that can only be completed by a dentist.