About Denplan Cover

Denplan offers a variety of dental payment plans to help you budget for your dental care.

These plans can be tailored to your needs by your Denplan dentist, and so the descriptions below can be changed at your dentist’s discretion.

Details of Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials can be found here:
About Denplan

All known dental conditions must be full treated before joining any plans and various exclusions may apply. All patients referred for treatment to other private dentists including some specialists will required to full treatment fees.

Denplan Care is available under 5 different charge bands and you dentist will decide the level based on historical treatment and future risk.

Denplan Care currently starts from about £15 per month up to £37 per month.

Denplan Essentials is currently £13 per month.

Denplan Care Denplan Essentials Hygiene Plan Plans for Children Membership Plan
Preventative dental advice
Check-ups Ask your dentist
Hygiene treatments Ask your dentist
X-rays Ask your dentist Ask your dentist
Supplementary Insurance
Restorative treatment as outlined by your dentist; e.g. fillings, crowns, bridges Ask your dentist