If you are unwell, or have any of the currently defined COVID19 symptoms, please do not come to surgery even if you have a confirmed appointment.

Please call the practice for further advice during working hours. Outside of working hours, please call 111.

Only attend once your appointment is confirmed by sms and e-mail

Please do not visit the surgery without a confirmed appointment. For all enquiries, please call reception first during normal working hours or use other methods available on this website.

For further information on Coronavirus please visit UK Government pages

Visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

We are opening for limited procedures and normal services will resume shortly

In response to advice from the Chief Dental Officer of England, we are soon beginning a phased reopening of Crabbs Cross Dental Surgery from the 8th of June 2020.

During the immediate period, we cannot proceed to provide all treatments due to a lack of appropriate PPE. When the threat from COVID19 recedes, or if such PPE becomes available, we will expand our services back to normal levels. Until then, certain types of drilling procedures and hygiene treatments will not be available but we will endeavour to resume normal service as soon as possible

Your safety, and the protection of our staff, is our highest priority. If you have any dental issues please call the surgery during working hours and our staff will determine the best level of service for you.

The Dentists

Mr Saqib Dodhy will return to work around 8th June 2020.
Mrs Sobia Butt will be returning to work around 10th August 2020 TBC
Mrs Lesley Robertson will be returning to work 10th July 2020 TBC

Our first aim is to help vulnerable groups and those patients with known dental problems needing treatment. If we are unable to complete any procedures due to PPE restrictions, where such treatment is deemed immediately necessary or urgent, we will proceed to refer patients to a designated Urgent Dental Care Centre. Further details of this pathway will be discussed with patients where appropriate.

Pay by card

If you pay charges for treatment please pay by card to minimise contact with surfaces and staff. We will accept cash where this is not possible.

Scaling & Polishing and Air Polishing

Please note that these popular hygiene treatments are currently unavailable due to PPE restrictions. We will be aiming to resume provision as soon as possible and our website will be updated accordingly.

Routine Examinations

For a short period, we will not be completing routine recall examinations for patients with no known dental problems. We expect to resume this as soon as possible and patients will be electronically invited to book appointments as usual. This short suspension will create additional time for us to manage patients with urgent or immediate dental needs. If you have any concerns, or feel that you have have unattended oral health problems, then please contact the surgery.

Patient appointments will be longer during next couple of months and so you may experience longer delays when booking routine or non-urgent treatments

Checklist for patients visiting Crabbs Cross Dental during the COVID19 pandemic

  • Please complete all personal details and medical history forms using Patient Portal online. See your appointment reminder E-mail and SMS for further details.
  • Please brush your teeth before visiting us and use toilet facilities at home so contamination risks are lowered further within the building.
  • Attend with minimal or no personal belongings.
  • Bring a form of payment, preferably by card. We do not accept American Express or cheques.
  • Where possible, attend alone. Our waiting room has been cleared and has no chairs.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment and wait near the building until we call you to enter via the front entrance as usual.
  • Upon arrival, we will provide you with alcohol hand gel to rub onto your hands.
  • Our staff will record your forehead surface temperature using an infra-red scanner.
  • Your lower face will be wiped with a skin friendly detergent wipe and therefore this may remove any cosmetic makeup or other skin creams.
  • You will be guided straight to the treatment room for further instructions.
  • Departure instructions will be explained to you by staff on the day of your appointment.